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We make our chocolate with love,passion and care!!!

We make our chocolate with love ,passion and care and we'd like to offer you our knowhow.

If you are looking for a new chocolate' supplier with lots of "skills",energy and good madness for chocolate then you are looking in the right way.

We are young guys just like our staff...working among happy people it's definitely better!!

We work every day the chocolate but we place attention and care in the package too.

We are proud of our 2018 new label....

The cocoa beans drawn and the bright colours make our products much more appealing.TRY to imagine them in your shop...the best chocolate quality with beautiful labels.

Sounds good??? Go and look all our chocolate,bars,praline's boxes and smooth creams...!

Are you looking for a private labels?

No problems ! We are specialized in this kind of request. We can give you your private label with your logo,recipes,and much more.

Are you scary about the shipping because you don't know how we package the orders?

Each deliver will be sent you on Europallett and with refrigerated van when it's too hot.

Do you want to taste our quality before placing an order? Don't worry you can ask what you desire a d we will send you our chocolate.

If you need any further informations,please send us an e-mail and we will glad to reply as soon as possible.

We send your order where you are!

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