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La golosa

Our inimitable Golose are offerd with a new and more cream spread.
New Graphics and size of the jar,now of 200 grams.Futhermore,from this year we are improved the recipe,abolishing additive oils but using always our Piedmont Hazelnuts.
Product's shelf-life is of 14 months,even if opened and not stored in the fridge.
Our creams are perfect for breakfast,for preparing dessert(noy cooked in the oven but for garnish)or for a great ice cream basis.
Because the product is handmade there can be an eventual emersion of oil(hazelnuts oil).Keep in a cool and dry place(+22C°).

Our proposals for "Golosa spreadable cream"

J1 dark smooth cream with hazelnuts(55%)
J2 milk smooth cream with hazelnuts(55%)
J3 white smooth cream with pistachios(35%)
J4 white smooth cream with hazelnuts(51%)
J5 milk smooth ceeam with salt peanuts and honey
J6 dark smooth cream with hazelnuts without sugar
J7 milk smooth cream with nougat
J8 dark smooth cream with hazelnuts and coffee grains
J9 smooth alcolic cream(Rhum and others)

200 grams for jar