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Spice chocolate bars

The "Speziate"proposed in a lot of flavors with real graund spices.
We've been the first in Italy to propose them to our customers since 1998.
The chocolate used it has 55% of cocoa mass in order to bring out the spice flavor inside...we don't use natural or artificial flavors!

Our proposals for the "Spice chocolate bars"

F1 red hot chili peper
F2 cinnamon
F3 fennel&juniper
F4 curry
F5 liquorice
F6 ginger
F7 cardamom
F8 starry anise
F9 white pepper
F10 absinthe
F11 coffee
F12 cloves
F13 salt
F14 nutmeg*
F15 cinnamom*
F16 ginger*
F19 magia d'inverno*(mixed spices from Germany and Sweden)
F20 turmeric
F23 yogurt*
F25 milk'n'pepper mint*
F31 ginger'n'lemon*
*with milk chocolate

100 grams for each