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Chocolate bars and dried fruits

The "Fruttate",the perfect union between the dark or milk chocolate with dried roasted fruits or dehydrated fruits.
Obviously we're talking of Piedmontese Hazelnuts,Almonds,Pistachios and also blueberries.
We personally roast the fruit tha comes to our factory,purchased directy from farmer that are friends before suppliers.
The innovative roaster machine with hot air functioning wraps the little fruit anmd roast it soflly witout ruining is esthetically,roasting also his"heart",something that normally does not happen with pther machinery such as the infrared roaster with lamp.
These bras are worked when ordered,to guarantee customers the best product ever,freshly roasted fruit that iy both most delicious and crunchy.

Our proposals for the "Fruttate"

G1 milk chocolate with hazelnuts
G2 dark chocolate with hazelnuts
G3 milk chocolate with almonds
G4 dark chocolate with almonds
G7 milk chocolate with pistachios
G8 dark chocolate with pistachios
G9 dark chocolate with blueberries
G10 milk chocolate with blueberries

100 grams for each