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We are an expanding small artisan business. If you believe in us and in our products, you can become one of our selected retailers or local distributors.
How? First, you have to be passionate about true Chocolate. And by Chocolate, we mean Artisan Chocolate, the one that is made with love and care, not the commercial one. Second, you have to be willing to offer your Customers not any chocolate, but the one that is made from the best cocoa and cru cocoa blends. Finally, you have to be willing to explain to your Customers the characteristics of this Chocolate and give them the chance to taste it. In the end, that's your job.
We are sure your efforts will be rewarded: you will build up an elite clientele who will not identify the products in your shop with supermarket products, and your business will thrive... The household names in the industry, even the ones that were once considered as premium, are now available at mass-market retailers.
Believe in what you do, and the results will come!


Luca Paire
Founder Member

Where do we sell our products?

  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Poland
  • Slovenia
  • Russia
  • Switzerland
  • Finland
  • USA
  • UK
  • Saudi Arabia

Who are our Customers?

International wholesalers and small confectionery retailers are our main Customers. We produce our own branded products, but we also provide private label products for other companies and small retailers. Our flexibility enables us to both craft the chocolate and manufacture its packaging, regardless of whether it consists of a box, a label or a ribbon.
For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We do not sell to end consumers (we would like to, but shipping costs are too high to consider introducing this service).

Sales agents

We are seeking sales agents for free areas. Contact us.