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Filled chocolate bars

The"ripiene"bars with a soft stuffing of hazelnuts or pistachios gianduja,covered with a thin layer of dark or milk chocolate.
Pure lust for greedy palates.Without added oils.
A"sinful"chocolate bar,available in different flavors,for the joy of the greedy at avery age!!

Our proposals for "Le ripiene"

W1 dark gianduja with hazelnuts
W2 white gianduja with pistachios
W3 milk gianduja with candy hazelnuts
W4 milk gianduja with coconut
W5 milk gianduja with salted peanuts
W6 dark milk gianduja with 49% of cocoa mass
W7 extra dark gainduja with cocoa grain/minced beans
W8 milk gianduja with coffee minced
W9 milk gianduja with minced italians macarons
W10 white gianduja with hazelnuts

Formato tavoletta 100 grammi