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Who we are and what we make

A small entity continuously renewed with new technologies and new products. A young company but with firm principles like safeguarding the products craftmanship and respect and knowledge of raw materials

Our vision of chocolate craftmanship and what we make

For us, being artisans mean the apotheosis of manual skill.
There's nothing better than work with our hands, creating not only an object but something to taste, with our beloved or alone.
Creating all new recipes is a continuous challenge, as being supplied with the best raw materials.
We rely on them our goals and new beginnings, abolishing Idro oils and partially Hydrogenated ones, searching for the best farmers, providing us with the most esteemed Piedmontese hazelnuts, pistachios, and almonds.
We use the chocolate covering with cocoa butter of certified first pressing.
We truly believe in what we made every day, even if it means for us to clash with biggers confectionery entities and more.
We love the "food of the gods" in any form and if you wanna come along with us, you won't regret it!
Some of our specialties: Saluzzesi, Truffles, Pralines, Golose, Schiacciatine, Tonde and Mini Tonde, Drageès, Cru Chocolate Bars, Speziate, Fruttate and Classiche, the Chocolate Hardware Store and the Special Boxes.
Since 2016 we added coffee of our production with Arabic Blend
Since 2018 we extended the "regular" production with the BIO one.

Product customization

We can customize most of our products according to the needs of the customer, both for the label and/or the packaging.
Furthermore, we can create exclusive recipes, realize edible silicone molds for Your tools or particular creations.
we cooperate with "workshops" that have up-to-date laser technologies, and rapid prototipation, therefore we can transform Your ideas into 3D objects.
It is possible indeed create a chocolate bar with the customer's logo or even a tridimensional chocolate gadget.
Every edible silicone mold is produced inside our intern laboratory which features over a decade of experience.
Large quantities are not necessaries and the cost of the single mold really is ridiculous when compared to the cost of a polycarbonate one.
You can see some of our works on the dedicated page.

Our story

Selected chocolate, raw materials of the territory, advanced technology, but mostly artisan craftsmanship, which in 2006 made us awarded by the Piedmont Region of Artisan Excellence in the chocolate sector: for us an honor, a goal and a new start.
The laboratory actually opens in 1996 already in Pagno (Cn) and was a small reality of only 64 sq.m.
The continuous purchase of more and more advanced machinery has led to a first expansion of the premises (100 sq. m.) to what is still today the widest 400 sq.m. office, modern and equipped with the best machinery.
Our prerogative is to offer the Customer a product that is sublime in every aspect, both qualitatively and in the packaging in which we store the utmost care.
The raw material is our priority and therefore we are very scrupulous in selecting our suppliers that are in mostly Italians.
We are artisans and we want this to be our "business card" to guarantee you always the best.

Our laboratory