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Our spreadable creams

We use raw materials of high quality only, abolishing from the start Palm or Rapeseed oils even if not hydrogenated.
We don't use other oils either, but only Piedmontese Hazelnuts and chocolate with cocoa butter of first squeezing.
Our creams are to be preserved at ambient temperature and are excellent on a toasted slice of bread.
Those who try them do not buy industrial products anymore!
NEW RECIPE THIS YEAR: finally more spreadable, without their unique flavor and without adding Palm Oils, bad for both the health and the environment

Our jarred "Golose"

Shelf-life,packaging e tipologie

Our creams are jarred in the new 200gr format, to meet the market needs, and with the new 2018 graphic design.
Furthermore, from this year we improved the recipe, abolishing additive oils and finally spreadable.

Product's shelf-life is of 14 months, even if opened and not stored in the fridge.
Our creams are perfect for breakfast, for preparing desserts (not cooked in the oven but for garnish) or for a great ice cream basis.
Because the product is handmade there can be an eventual emersion of oil.
Keep in a cool and dry place, with a temperature of 22°C and more.

-La Golosa 18+ liqueur Rhum (news 2018)
-La Golosa with salted peanut & honey (novelty 2018)
-La Golosa with the Arabica coffee and Piedmontese hazelnuts
-La Golosa Milk with Piedmontese hazelnuts and milk chocolate
-La Golosa Bianca (EX CREMINO) White chocolate and Hazelnuts
-La Golosa Fondant with Piedmontese hazelnuts and dark chocolate
-La Golosa with Pistachio and White chocolate
-La Golosa Sugar free (dark chocolate sweetened with Maltitol and Piedmontese hazelnuts)
-La Golosa Torroncino. Milk chocolate and nougat