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Customized products

We can create bespoke recipes and customized packaging solutions. For more information or a free quote, please contact us.
We can therefore customize the wrapping of the chocolate bars with the Customer's logo, elaborate exclusive recipes, with discrete quantities we can provide a new product packaging.
From 2019, thanks to the use of a new spreadable production line, we have the possibility of producing very small batches of creams based on the Customer's needs. Not only private labels but also in the recipe. MQO 130 jars !!!
Request a quote and we will be happy to offer you a better solution suitable for your business.


This is a simple chocolate bar made starting from 3D laser printing and laser engraving of the customer's name. The 3D laser is used to give the shape to the corners that are beveled. creating a chocolate bar of 1kg involves problems in the crystallization of chocolate, in fact the inner heart is the one that has more difficulty in tempering.
We have therefore studied a simple but effective system of "self-ventilation" of the mold, equipping it with air vents like a radiator. The result is perfect ... The photography a little less!

Chocolate bar

A simple chocolate bar but round and with the company logo in relief. The laser allows perfect work!