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What are those?? Rounded chocolate bars, 300gr, wrapped in the all-new packaging of 2018.
Every flavor has its own colored band which identifies the content, visible also by the rounded quarter of windows.
Nothing was left to chance, from the packaging to, mostly, the usage of the noblest raw materials like our Piedmontese Hazelnuts.
Obviously, there are nine flavors to choose from, besides the usual "Tonda al Cremino"

Our packed "Schiacciatine"

Le Tonde e le Schiacciate sono disponibili nei gusti:

-"Schiacciatina" White chocolate hazelnut flavored
-"Schiacciatina" Milk chocolate hazelnut flavored
-"Schiacciatina" Dark chocolate hazelnut flavored
-"Schiacciatina" White chocolate berries flavored
-"Schiacciatina" Milk chocolate berries flavored
-"Schiacciatina" Dark chocolate berries flavored
-"Schiacciatina" White chocolate mixed dried fruit
-"Schiacciatina" Milk chocolate mixed dried fruit
-"Schiacciatina" Dark chocolate mixed dried fruit
-"Tonda" cremino (soft filling of Piedmontese hazelnuts with white chocolate covered with two fine veils of dark chocolate)