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Our Bio

Our biological product line has many different references that spread from the classical biological chocolate bars to the biological "Praline", and we've got a new surprise, we'll be the first in Italy to offer it.. At the moment is Top Secret, but will be revealed in September 2018!

-The biological. We could not exempt ourselves from proposing our biological chocolate bars, recipes owned and tailored to meet a wide audience of Organico chocolate lovers.

-"Zero Cacao" white tablet with minced Vanilla cod.C11BIO
-"Dolce Chiaro" tablet with 33% cocoa milk cod.C7BIO
-"Dolce Amaro" the name of our company ... a bitter milk with 49% of-Cocoa cod.C12BIO
-"Amaro Delicato" with 70% Cocoa cod. 8BIO
-"Dark Intense" tablet with 85% Cocoa cod.C9BIO
-"Nero Puro" tablet with 99% pure cocoa mass cod.C10BIO

The Organic Truffles. Proposed in different flavors and always worked according to Piedmontese tradition, that is with the use of pastry machines but only larger in terms of production capacity. Granaries and Refiners give the product its natural softness and obviously, our "Tartufina" forms the classic balls slightly different from each other. The secret but 'are still the ingredients and here the dried fruit is king.
We propose the following references:

-White Truffle with Piedmontese Hazelnuts
-Black Truffle with Piedmontese Hazelnuts
-Coconut and Almond
-White chocolate and Pistachio
-Arabic Coffee (our production!) and Hazelnuts

-Pralines. Perhaps among the first in Italy to propose them as only a craftsman can afford to produce non-industrial lots and this for industries is a real STOP to production. Machinery must always be cleaned by conventional processes.
Our pralines are offered in the following flavors:

-Classic Piedmontese Pralinata
-Classic Salted Pistachio
-Classic Cappuccino
-Classic Blueberry


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our Biological products

Biological tablets are available in different flavors such as White with Vanilla ground, light milk, dark milk, 70% cocoa, 85% cocoa, 99% cocoa. We have also reworked the recipes of our highly appreciated truffles so as to create Soft Organic Truffles in classic flavors with Hazelnuts (milk and dark), Pistachio, Coconut and milk and Coffee and Hazelnuts. Also available are Piedmontese but Organic Pralines.

Organic truffles-BIO-

Organic chocolate bars -BIO-

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