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Who we are

We are a small, young business constantly striving to innovate by creating new products and adopting state-of-the-art technologies. At our core is a commitment to preserve the craftsmanship of our products and to respect and know the ingredients we use.

Our definition of Chocolate Artisan and what we do

In our view, the Artisan's craft is the highest form of manual dexterity. There is nothing more beautiful than working with your hands, creating something that (in our case) is not just an object, but a moment to savour with your loved ones or, why not, on your own.
Coming up with new recipes is a constant challenge, as is securing the best ingredients – and we are all about them! We have done away with hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils and we have searched for the best growers who can provide us with the finest Piedmont hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds. Last but not least, the couverture chocolate we use contains certified prime pressed cocoa butter.
We truly believe in what we do every day, even though this means pitting ourselves against, among others, the big names in the confectionery industry.
We love the Food of the Gods in each and every form, and if you try our products, you too will fall (even more) in love with it!

Our specialties include: Chocolate Bars, Chocolate Tools, Dragées, Pralines, Truffles, La Golosa Chocolate Spreads, La Schiacciata and La Tonda Chocolate Discs.
In 2016 we introduced our own line of Arabica Coffee Blends.
In 2018 we launched our Organic Range.

Alcune delle nostre specialità: i Saluzzesi, i Tartufi, le Praline, le Golose, le Schiacciate, le Tonde e Mini Tonde, i Dragées, le Tavolette di Cioccolato Cru e le Speziate, le Fruttate e le Classiche, la Ferramenta del Cioccolato e le Confezioni Speciali.
Dal 2016 si aggiunge anche il Caffè di nostra produzione con miscele Arabica.
Dal 2018 ampliamo la produzione "regolare" con quella BIO.

Product customization

We can customize most of our products according to the needs of the customer, both for the label and/or the packaging.
Furthermore, we can create exclusive recipes, realize edible silicone molds for Your tools or particular creations.
we cooperate with "workshops" that have up-to-date laser technologies, and rapid prototipation, therefore we can transform Your ideas into 3D objects.
It is possible indeed create a chocolate bar with the customer's logo or even a tridimensional chocolate gadget.
Every edible silicone mold is produced inside our intern laboratory which features over a decade of experience.
Large quantities are not necessaries and the cost of the single mold really is ridiculous when compared to the cost of a polycarbonate one.
You can see some of our works on the dedicated page.

Our story

Fine chocolate, locally sourced ingredients, advanced technologies and, above all, artisan craftsmanship are what we pride ourselves on and what earned us the Piemonte Eccellenza Artigiana award in 2006. This recognition was for us an honour, an achievement and the beginning of a new journey.
We started small in 1997, with just a 64-square-meter factory in Pagno (in the province of Cuneo, Northern Italy). Over the years, as we have acquired more and more advanced equipment, we have extended our premises twice and our current 400-square-meter facility is fully equipped with the latest and best in machinery. At Dolce&Amaro we are committed to excellence and we put the utmost care into every detail, from the product to the packaging.
Sourcing the best ingredients is our priority, so we carefully select our suppliers, who are for the most part Italian. We are Artisans and we want quality to be our calling card.

Our factory