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Our boxed Pralines

Our Pralines

Our Pralines

Our Pralines are our pride and joy, they encapsulate the essence of our beautiful profession. Chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts perfectly combine to create a smooth centre coated in a fine layer of Dark or mellow Milk chocolate. Each Praline is carefully handcrafted and hand decorated so as to offer our Customers the best and most delicious product possible.

Just one gram of chocolate enrobes these fine treats, which only weigh 9 grams each... All of our Pralines are crafted according to Piedmontese tradition and are free from hydrogenated fats and oils.
Discover our wide range of Pralines.

  • "Le Dodici" assorted praline box cod. P02
  • "Le ventiquattro" assorted praline box cod. P01
  • Classic Hazelnut Cremino cod. P08
  • Classic Pistachio Cremino cod. P12
  • Classic Coffee Cremino cod. P07
  • Classic Amaretto Cremino cod. P06
  • Classic Cereals Cremino cod. P21
  • Classic Torroncino Cremino cot. P11
  • Classic Almond Cremino cos. P05
  • Classic Ginger Cremino cod. P09
  • Classic Italian Coffee Cremino cod. P101
  • Classic Chili Pepper Cremino cod. P03
  • Classic Coconut Cremino cod. P20
  • Classic Pralinato Cremino cod. P22
  • Classic Salted Peanut Cremino cod. P23
  • Classic Walnut Cremino cod. P24
  • Classic Extra Dark Cremino cod. P15
  • Printed Pralines with salted pistachio cod. PS04
  • MIX box 5 CHASSIS of your choice cod. Pmix
  • Scatola MIX 5 TELAI a scelta cod. Pmix

Packaging and shelf life

Our Pralines are presented in 12- or 24-piece boxes and individually set in a paper case. The bright orange of the lid contrasts nicely with both the cocoa bean illustrations and the chocolate brown sides of our modern and appealing boxes.
To preserve the thin, delicate coating and the even more delicate filling of the Pralines, the maximum recommended storage temperature is 22°C. Avoid sudden temperature changes and store in a dry place away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat.
The shelf life of this product is 12 months.