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Our Coffee

Our Coffee Blends have been created to meet the needs of the best baristas from the most renowned coffee bars and restaurants.

We currently offer a limited selection of Blends, but their quality is undisputed and their prices are competitive as there are no intermediaries between our Customers and us.

Our selection of Coffee Blends includes:

-Centro America

Our Coffee Blends are packed in 1kg bags.

For further information, please contact us.

From bean to cup

Our premium Coffee Blends, available since 2016

Our ambition is to make products according to tradition, regardless of whether it is embodied by chocolate or coffee. To achieve our goal, we can call on the expertise of one of our members, a coffee connoisseur who wanted to create a small selection of high-quality Blends. Tradition, however, meets innovation when our premium coffee beans are roasted: our roaster uses a hot air system that delicately roasts the beans while making them "float". This method differs considerably from the conventional one, which is too aggressive at such a crucial stage of the process. The difference is clear when coffee is tasted, because the damages caused by the mechanical parts of conventional roasters alter the organoleptic properties of the brew.
Our Coffee Blends are produced in our factory following the recipes we have developed over the years and using the best Arabica coffees from Central America and Southern Asia.